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Your family trunk is a bridge - from the past, to the present, and to the future. Your ancestors may have carried their worldly belongings in this trunk as they immigrated to a new world of freedom and opportunity. Once restored, this same trunk will be enjoyed by you, and it becomes a legacy for your family members for generations to come.

Have Trunks - Will Travel is a business dedicated to the restoration of your family trunk. That's all we do - but we do it very well. We feature a hand rubbed finish along with customized interiors that you must see to appreciate. Once we see your trunk, we will make suggestions regarding the restoration- but we will only do what you request.



For those who did not get Grandma's trunk - now is the time to start a legacy for the future. We maintain an inventory of fully restored antique trunks. We also have available trunks just as they came from the attic. You pick your favorite size or shape and we will customize it to your taste.


In order to ensure the same high standards of quality that you expect, the restoration process takes months, not days, to complete. We welcome your inspection as the work progresses.


Cost and value are important issues to discuss...                          

There is no set price to restore a trunk. We must see the trunk and discuss with you the many options available for you to consider. Our goal is to provide a service and to provide a trunk you will be proud to display to your friends. Value is the most important aspect of your decision. Your family trunk came into your possession for a reason. Once restored, this 100 plus year old treasure will give you years of pleasure and become a cherished heirloom for your family members for generations to come. Our appliances will come and go - but our family trunk is forever. A family heirloom, that in time will become priceless, reflects the true value. Now select the perfect spot in your home for your restored trunk. Then, give us a call and the bridge building will begin. Grandma would be proud.


Have Trunks - Will Travel
Lorton, Virginia
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